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Are You A Sales Superstar?

Love What You Do…

Most sales people enjoy talking, interaction with their colleagues in the workplace and are generally outgoing individuals.  It helps to understand what motivates yourself / a colleague? It really comes back to the individual ‘Why?’ by this I mean – why do they want to sell?

A good sales person does appreciate the importance of listening; you know the saying ‘We were given two ears, one mouth’.  Sales people will listen for buying signals and use the information to appeal to their customer, whether this is on the phone or face to face.

The very best sales person is someone who doesn’t have to try too hard to be communicative, authoritative in their chosen field, and who has a passion for what they sell.  For example, if you put someone who has no interest in cars into a car showroom and asked them to sell – it simply wouldn’t work.

It helps if you determine what you do well, and then practice repeatedly until you master your skill.  If you are working at the moment as a sales person, and feel no affinity with your product, ask yourself – ‘Should you be looking for another job?’   If you enjoy your job, it comes across in every interaction.  People do respond differently if they are dealing with someone who genuinely seems to enjoy what they are doing, and the business they represent.

do what you love statementHere are some tips to be an excellent sales person:

  1. Get up early in the morning and write down your goals
  2. Tell people what you are going to achieve that day, week, month etc.
  3. Reward yourself when you meet your goals
  4. Do a job you love, or at least enjoy
  5. Understand your product completely
  6. Ask your boss how you are measured, then exceed expectations
  7. Write down your sales achievements each month
  8. End of the year plan your following years goals
  9. Ask yourself each day ‘Have I pushed myself hard enough today?’
  10. Be willing to go out with your comfort zone

Ask open and probing questions, here are some examples:

  1. What are your outside interests?
  2. Tell me about your ideal……?
  3. What would be your top 3 XYZ if you had a choice?
  4. What’s important to you about this decision?
  5. Who else is involved in the decision-making process?
  6. What experiences of purchasing XYZ have you had in the past?
  7. How often do you purchase XYZ?
  8. Why are you looking to change XYZ?
  9. What would your preference of XYZ be?
  10. When would you be looking to make this purchase?

To be a successful sales person you must be willing to accept failure, get over it and move on quickly.  The best way to learn about any industry is to start at the grass-roots and work your way up.  By experiencing failure you understand what you have to do, in order to succeed.  You will then create new habits, as you know you are measuring yourself.

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