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It’s that time of the month again, when we (should) look at our previous month’s sales, web activity and measure what has increased, and similarly what has decreased.  Sometimes, we don’t like the reality, but you need to know this critical business information.

How many of you, do this?

We can all have the best of intentions, but in this tough economic climate – we absolutely must get our heads around what efforts generate interest from our current and prospect clients / customers.  You might be thinking ‘What is she banging on about now?‘ but in reality, I would urge you to check and monitor the following:

  • Sales variance month on month
  • Hours that you have worked in the month
  • Source of your sales – Website / Online / Affiliate
  • Total overheads incl. any commissions

When I am coaching a client I ask questions around these headings, if they don’t know, I will ask to get access to the information and (try to) find out.  It is only when we ask these questions that we start to understand what works, and what doesnt.  Sometimes in complete ignorance we spend time on advertising, tools, people or generally things that we could live without.  Nobody’s fault, but sometimes things just dont work out!

My tip is don’t be afraid to say ‘You don’t know’ and to ask for help.  Someone in your team, whether internal or outsourced, will help you find the answers.  When you do this analysis month on month, it is possible to build up a picture.

Outside influences will play a part (that’s life!) but if the overall goal is present, and we have looked at all the information available to us, we can confidently say we have researched and analysed where our business interest is generated from.

If you would like me to help you with this, please make contact.  Charge rates do not have to hurt your P & L, but ask yourself if you are really doing as much as you possibly can, to assist your business…

Louise Wightman is a Business Coach and Trainer.  You can book coaching sessions 2 hours at time, up to a full day.  Please note, coaching is not a quick fix, it requires ongoing attention and committment so that you get the best from the service.


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