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Are You An Exceptional Consultant?

Can You Be Logical?

The ability to frame business problems to make them susceptible to rigorous fact-based analysis is the core skill of an exceptional Consultant.  If you cannot solve a problem in a structured approach you will more than likely, not succeed.

It is vital to gather the facts and data to prove, or disprove your point.  Data doesn’t lie, as we have mentioned in previous blogs – emotions sometimes get in the way when people make decisions in the workplace.  This will more than likely always happen, but it doesn’t mean that it is the correct approach.

Try to remember that every client is unique, their issue may not be unique, but they are.  This has to be taken into consideration and given the correct level of respect.  Do not try to reinvent the wheel,  if you apply logic & structure to the problem you will get the answer you seek.  It may not be the answer you want, but listening to the client and taking their goals into consideration will ensure you present a solution.

Universities or Colleges don’t teach you how to think logically or in a structured manner, this is a skill each person needs to learn.  Problems can arrive when people try to change things, just to make it easier for themselves.  If you look at someone who emigrates they generally ask, what works, what is a successful business model?  Once they have this information, they adopt it, they are consistent & apply the model to their business approach.  The result is they achieve their goals & are considered successful.   They have just copied an already existing business model.

It is advisable for an organisation to look at the capabilities and skill level within the workplace.  If they have high ambitions, but their staff are not competent, then its pretty clear they need to change staff and recruit new, talented individuals.

Times change in business, people leave an organisation, new people bring various skills to the table.  Some may resent this, some may welcome it, regardless it is important to recognise that just because a company has had a certain approach for the past XY number of years, that doesn’t mean its the way it has to be, moving forward.

So, our view at Approach The Coach is to ensure you have the right people in the right jobs, review your data and apply logic when dealing with problems.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, look at what works in your industry, repeat the process and become exceptional!

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