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The Art of Building Connections in Business

Guest post by Laura Borland, Innermetrix Consultant

Success in business is dependent on many factors, but ultimately business is something that is done between people.  So one of the keys to success in business is our ability to be able to create rapport, connection and build relationships with a wide variety of people.  Often this is something that we don’t give so much thought to, until it’s a problem. Then it can cause us stress and impact on the overall success of our business. In some cases it can even cost us deals.

InnermetrixThe thing is that we all have our individual ways that we like to create and make relationships and decisions.  Some of us really like variety and others prefer stability, consistency and routine.  Some of us like structure and detail, while others prefer change and fluidity.None of this is right or wrong.  It’s just the preferences we have. Fundamentally we are all different. It is just that we can sometimes forget that.

Take a simple example;  If you are an extrovert it may be that you think that people who are introverts are rude and unfriendly, whereas for the introvert it can seem that you are just a bit too much.

What if you could begin to develop skills and knowledge to create connections and rapport with everyone? I believe you can. I also know that from working with Innermetrix tools that it can happen fast.


Be clear about what your talents are. Know how you like to get things done, what motivates and engages you, and how you think and make decisions. When you begin to truly understand, and know what your talents are, you can begin to direct your energy and time using your talents with more awareness. Why is it that we try to get better at things we suck at! At the same time we can be blind to the things we’re naturally great at?

Often we don’t value what is really easy for us.  What you cannot see you cannot use.

By gaining greater insight and understanding into what your talents are, it can assist you in turning conflict into contribution. Things that may have wound you up about people in the past no longer have the same power over you. You can then begin to make different choices in the moment, naturally creating different results.

How can this help you to create more success in your business?

Sound interesting? To access a free DISC, one of the three profiles that make up the Innermetrix Advanced Insights profile, click here. If you would like to know more about this, and how it can be used in your business then contact Laura Borland. Laura is a coach and facilitator who works with businesses and individuals to assist them in creating greater possibilities and success. If you would like to know more visit her at or contact her at

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