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Blog series about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is CBT?

business visionCognitive Behavioural Therapy methods apply to both personal life and business life, it incorporates some psychology, hypnotherapy, counseling and covers behavioural change as well as CBT for anger, stress, depression and anxiety.  Initially you look at the seriousness of the situation, gain evidence based on what is happening, trying to take the emotion out of the picture.  CBT is evidence based, so there can be a lot of form filling and discussion around the results, some individuals will love this, whereas some, impatient individuals (like myself) will want to charge through and get to the finish line.

The goal is to understand why things have happened, whether it is personal or business.  Look at what you have learned and change behaviour so you develop new habits and they feel good, you respond well and make big changes in your life to accommodate this new way of living.

We all want to join the dots, to make sense of things – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps with this.  Looking at sensory awareness, existential analysis and human potential – if you can do this and learn from it, you are onto a winner.  A true survivor will make CBT work for them, they will kick down doors to get to the finish line.

 Important Tip: Take your head out of the sand and face up to your reality.

Sounds easy doesn’t it, but it is not!  Facing up to things in your personal or business life can be stressful, scary and as much exhilarating as it can be disappointing.  The tip is to learn from past experiences, understand (as best you can) why things happened and decide what works for you, and what you can release.  You should be making conscious decisions about what is healthy, logical and good for you.

Everyone has their own story to tell, whatever you do, do not become a martyr.  Make conscious decisions and each day assess how you feel you are doing regarding your new goals, your awareness and the direction you are heading in.  This is the first blog of many focusing on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  I hope you enjoy reading them and welcome any feedback.

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