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Maintain Good Manners…

Are You A Darling Or A Devil? How often do you have a conversation with someone either personally or in business & you are shocked at their lack of interpersonal skills? If you don’t know what is categorised as good manners – then you are in trouble!  I […]

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Learned Behaviour – Angel or Devil?

Make A Conscious Decision… Psychological studies show that 95% of everything we feel, think, do & achieve is a result of learned habit!  We are all born the same way, we absorb the behaviour of people around us & we learn from our parents.  A lot of […]

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Do You See The Big Picture?

Do You Consult Or Just Do The Job?….. For as long as I can remember I have always sought out information, knowledge, facts, figures.  One of my ex-bosses once said to me that I could always be relied on to find untapped resources & deliver.  This was when I […]

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Can You Be Relied Upon?

Tough Call, What’s The Answer? Are you someone who is accountable and your colleagues / clients would say they can rely on you?  For example, if you say you will do something, do you deliver?  Most of the time we all have good intentions, but what is […]

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Are You An Exceptional Consultant?

Can You Be Logical? The ability to frame business problems to make them susceptible to rigorous fact-based analysis is the core skill of an exceptional Consultant.  If you cannot solve a problem in a structured approach you will more than likely, not succeed. It is vital to […]

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If You Get Stuck….

We have all been there, you feel stuck in a rut.  You want things to change but they don’t, so what do you do?… My suggestion is take yourself out of the situation, you need to see the wood for the trees.  Ask yourself what it is […]

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Clear out your business contacts…

Another year is upon us – I hope 2012 is a good one for all of us, despite the gloomy forecasts by the economic specialists out there!  When I am coaching business individuals I ask them ‘Do your business contacts know exactly what you do?‘  Some people […]

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Smart People Collaborate

Surround Yourself With Talent I have learnt over the past year that outsourcing can be good for your business.  It is similar to working in teams, you need to know when to delegate, so instead of running around like a busy fool, you surround yourself with talented […]

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Be sh*t hot at what you do!

Everyone has an opinion Entrepreneurs need to wear many hats, dealing with important tasks covering marketing, sales and accounts through to analysis and administration.  When people start in business they dream of what it will feel like in 2, 5 and 10 years time, thoughts run through […]

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Think & Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill I have quite a good library of books that I refer back to, so I brought out Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill recently.  This book is one of the most influential books of all time.  It is amazing the information we read, but […]

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