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Business Coaching for Improvement

Look at your business and life without the rose tinted glasses. What do you see?  Are you proud of what you have achieved?  We can all get so busy with day to day tasks, emails to reply to, people to speak to on the phone etc. that […]

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Are you Too Comfortable?

New Direction for Life It’s that time again – January, when people start to think about what has gone well in the past year and what they want to achieve in the year ahead. It is easy to slot into a routine, work hard, come home do […]

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Mulitple Sources of Income

Income Stream Being self-employed there is an argument between having different skills to sell to clients or specialising in one key area.  I have done both; I had a recruitment business and that was all I did, the agency focused 100% of its efforts on finding people […]

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Business Coaching Support System

Business Colleagues / Associates It can be lonely being self-employed, I recently told someone I believed it took 2 or 3 years to control the nerves and feel good about working for yourself.  The mind can play tricks on you, the inner voice in your head going […]

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Enthusiasm Wins Every Time

Energy – Feel Good Factor I had a really good meeting with someone last week who worked as a Trainer and in Sales for many years.  It was so refreshing and we bounced some really good ideas around, just naturally chatting from one subject to the next.  […]

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Changing Direction

Making Scary Decisions Walking a new path in life can be scary, it might be that we eagerly want to walk this new path, or it could be that we are terrified about what lies ahead of us.  The emotions we feel come from the circumstances surrounding […]

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Life Expectations

Do you know what you want? It sounds like a basic question doesn’t it?  I bet if you were to rattle off 10 things that you want and then break down WHY you want them (apart from materialistic things) it would be slightly more challenging! Sometimes we […]

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Use Your Imagination

Be Creative & Inspirational I prefer to deal with people who are creative, inspirational and generally have very good ideas! In business I have stopped dealing with people who only do the basics and no more, for example when starting out building websites I worked with a […]

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Score Yourself For Communication

Are you efficient or a busy fool? I have been in a position recently of looking for additional contracts and also promoting a WordPress Online Video Course with a colleague.  The varied forms of communication we have experienced have been interesting.  Times have changed friends, phone calls […]

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Video Based WordPress Course

Learn WordPress At Home Special Offer – £95.00 – £20.00 Distance learning was the best thing for me years ago when I was working and studying to learn new skills that I could use being self-employed.  A lot of my clients used to get funding for Training […]

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