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Do You Target Your Team?

Goals or KPI’s At some stage every Entrepreneur, CEO, Director or Manager has been a staff member with a Supervisor they had to report to. Many praise their supervisors, but similarly some criticize and think they could do a better job. Ego’s will always cause trouble in […]

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Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?

Are you an Ambivert? I am reading Daniel H. Pink’s book ‘To Sell Is Human’ and I was totally amazed to read that there is a definition of characteristic called Ambivert.  This could be obvious to everyone else, apart from me, but wow!!  So often we read […]

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Prioritise & Have Fun

Increase Your Productivity Even the most organised individuals can be rubbish at time management sometimes.  We get sidetracked because something is suddenly interesting or more important, then we lose track of where our focus was.  Life is so serious with work, deadlines, unexpected big bills, health situations […]

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Routines – Are They Healthy?

Routines & Consistency I think there is an argument for and against.  Some people could be labelled ‘boring’ and certainly not ‘spontaneous’, but could it help us achieve more in a day / week / month if we had routines that we set, and maintained?  I read […]

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Working With Your Business Mentor

Business Goals / Mentoring In a previous blog we looked at the Mentoring service that Approach The Coach, and many other companies, offer. Let’s expand on this, when working with a Mentor you should set realistic goals but you need to be honest with your Mentor.  Sometimes […]

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Body language can be confusing

Misreading behaviour How many times have you felt paranoid in someone’s company because of their disinterest in you?  We can make up a story in our head to find out that the truth is so far removed (from our interpretation) its quite funny! I believe we make […]

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Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing

Sometimes we wish we could turn back time… If you have set-up your own business & on your way to becoming a very successful Entrepreneur, I am confident that you will have made some mistakes or experienced errors of judgement, as well as incredible successes due to hard […]

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Activate Your Superpower

Your Why-Power… Every day I am reading Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect & today I am reading about ‘Why Everything Is Possible’, my favourite phrase ever!  It all depends on what your motivating drivers are & why you want to achieve a goal.  For example, if […]

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Why Your Ex Should Stay Your Ex!

Don’t settle for second best… I admire people who are true to themselves and would rather be single than in an unhealthy relationship.  I know from Coaching that some people stay in relationships for safety, comfort, security etc, however does it make them happy?  Chances are it does […]

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Social Media Business Coach

Don’t We All Love Social Media? I know I do!  The trick is to love what you do, so it doesn’t feel like hard work or requires lots of effort. When I am working with clients I set them goals, these goals need to be (all the […]

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