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Do People Listen To You?

Life is busy How often do you phone someone, to hear that they are busy typing, or rustling through paper, or even worse they actually start speaking to someone else, because they have been listening into the other person’s conversation – while talking / supposedly listening to […]

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What’s The Magic Ingredient?

The Answer is Passion… You will have heard the saying “Anything worth having is worth fighting for“.  I think it depends whether you are talking about business or personal relationships, but ultimately, if you are passionate about something you will find a way to succeed, get to the […]

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Sometimes we all just need help

Do you actively listen? Everyone is under so much pressure to keep their heads above water, whether its financial or even managing personal relationships.  We all communicate daily, but its worth asking the question:  Do we communicate clearly enough? It isn’t easy to ask for help, some […]

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How life plays out…..

Fast forward 2 years into the future We all have dreams and aspirations for our life, whether its personal or professional.  Ask yourself the question, if you continue to live your life, as you are now, will you be happy in 2 years?  How will it look?  […]

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Are You A Natural Leader?

Leader of the pack? At a meeting about 7 months ago, everyone was asked what animal you would be, if you had to describe yourself.  Some said bird for freedom, cat for routine and independence, dog for loyal and steady – I said ‘Panther or Cheetah’ so that […]

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Distorted Thinking Can Ruin Lives – CBT Series

Describe Your Mindset… This blog is part of the CBT Series and looks at distorted thinking and perception. If we are to remain focused, positive, upbeat and work towards our life goals we need to understand our triggers and when negative thoughts manifest in our brain.  Only […]

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Do You Kick Ass with PR?

PR Power I wrote in a previous blog that I read 5 books in between Christmas and New Year (yes really) this was a mixture of fiction and business books.  I have to admit it I liked the variance in topics.  The book I am reading now […]

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Ego Defence Mechanism

Are You An Egomaniac? How many times does the Ego get in the way of conversations, work relationships even with loved ones.  Apart from being described as stubborn or pig-headed there are other explanations of the Ego.  This blog is in the series referring to Cognitive Behavioural […]

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