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Dealing With Business Politics

Don’t Be A Drama Queen We all have tough days, weeks or even months.  Things just don’t seem to ease up. If you deal with these situations badly you will no doubt regret it, deal with it well and you will be more resilient.  The worst thing […]

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How Will You Spend The Holidays?

Tis The Season To Be Jolly! How do you plan to spend the time in-between Christmas and New Year?  Some people will be working, but the vast majority will have some time off to spend with family members and friends.  Normally this means endless amounts to eat and […]

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Are You Enjoying Life?

Make every day count Some people work non-stop in a job that they don’t enjoy, desperately unhappy but not willing to face up to the facts and make big changes.  I had a conversation the other day with someone about the things that used to be important […]

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Changing Direction

Making Scary Decisions Walking a new path in life can be scary, it might be that we eagerly want to walk this new path, or it could be that we are terrified about what lies ahead of us.  The emotions we feel come from the circumstances surrounding […]

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The Art of Building Connections in Business

Guest post by Laura Borland, Innermetrix Consultant Success in business is dependent on many factors, but ultimately business is something that is done between people.  So one of the keys to success in business is our ability to be able to create rapport, connection and build relationships […]

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Email Etiquette

Write Effective Emails Emails are fast, efficient and can be very effective, but they can also be very damaging to relationships whether professional, or personal.  Simple things like using an exclamation mark can intimate anger, frustration or tongue in cheek humour.  Unless the person is in front […]

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Score Yourself For Communication

Are you efficient or a busy fool? I have been in a position recently of looking for additional contracts and also promoting a WordPress Online Video Course with a colleague.  The varied forms of communication we have experienced have been interesting.  Times have changed friends, phone calls […]

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Escape Pointless Meetings

How Effective Are Meetings? Ask yourself, how many times have you been in this situation: Some people will suggest meeting for a coffee. Out of professional courtesy, you agree, thinking that, at the meeting, the ‘reason’ will unfold, but it doesn’t.  You leave the meeting and think […]

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Setting up in business?

Business Website If you are setting up in business one thing you will definitely need is a Website.  I can build you a WordPress website for an affordable cost, the website must have white hat SEO coding and be easy to navigate along with having a structure […]

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Timing of Compromise

Negotiation and Compromise It can be difficult to alter your viewpoint sometimes, especially if you believe you are right.  Some individuals go into conversations thinking its fight or flight.  I am a creature of habit, I like routines and I like things to be a certain way.  […]

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