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We are all scared of Rejection.

This is meant to be a sentimental time of year, when families all come together, be happy and share some festive cheer.  But for some, it’s not joyful or singing round the log fire.  Some people are just as scared of rejection as they were, back when […]

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Image is everything…

Make the right impression in every area of your life. You have all heard the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but we all do……. I find that people make assumptions about me fairly regularly, some are spot on, but some are way off the […]

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Use reasoning to create balance.

Today something troubled me, no matter what I did, my mind kept wandering back to this certain topic.  I often talk about the ‘cinema in your mind’, so what can you do when something troubles you? The answer is reason with yourself, or simply work with the […]

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Communication Principles & Practice

Conflict & Aggravation Miscommunication is at the heart of many conflicts in the workplace.  Sometimes we say things without thinking, someone overhears it & boom, you are in the middle of a war zone.  Communicating effectively requires hard work, tact, discretion & diplomacy.  In my line of […]

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Google Analytics follow Facebook with Real-Time

If you have a business Facebook page, you will have seen that underneath the number of Likes, you will see a number allocated for how many people are talking about the business page. This has caused praise and criticism, as people have made assumptions about their page, […]

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Never stop learning new skills.

Over the past few years I have completed several Diploma’s, all have been beneficial for my life changing career direction.  I think when we are establishing ourselves in a career, sometimes, we dont want to admit that we dont know certain things, or that we are outwith […]

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Have you read the book FISH?

This book was recommended to me, and I have to say it really moved me. I would like to share the poem about Meaning. Meaning Meaning is not something you stumble across, like the answer to a riddle or the prize in a treasure hunt. Meaning is […]

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We Can’t Be All Things To All People

It takes a lot to say ‘I can’t’ I put myself under so much pressure to be above average in lots of professional things, whether it’s studying, or just general day-to-day work.  I am also my own worst critic, always looking for ways to improve myself.  This […]

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How Much Time Do You Waste?

Use Time Wisely After 7 1/2 years of being self-employed I still obsess about making sure that I am maximising my own time.  It can be a little easier if you are employed as normally you have a Supervisor who is looking for work to be produced. […]

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Do You Have A Frenemy?

Do You Want A Frenemy?  Hell No! The term ‘Frenemy‘ was first used in 1977 and the definition of it is: `one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy’ We all encounter people who are not completely genuine every single day of life.  Some people […]

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