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Coolsculpting Journey for Me!

Non-Surgical Fat Removal Next week I start Coolsculpting treatments and I am very excited.  For those of you who don’t know – Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment to remove stubborn areas of fat.  One treatment is done at a time, and the results are visible between […]

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Recover from the Christmas Party

Tis the season to be jolly, but how do you recover from any drunken escapades?  It’s almost seasonal tradition to make a complete a*s of yourself at Christmas, but that’s no excuse, especially if any indiscretions can cause upset! I know it’s easy to say after the […]

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Up-Skill for 2014 – Book Training

Take Control of Your Career In this tough economic climate, employers want the best from their employees and similarly employees want some security from their employers.  To meet in the middle, ensure that you are continuously learning new skills.  If that means Digital and On-line / Social […]

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How life plays out…..

Fast forward 2 years into the future We all have dreams and aspirations for our life, whether its personal or professional.  Ask yourself the question, if you continue to live your life, as you are now, will you be happy in 2 years?  How will it look?  […]

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When Change Is Unexpected…

Life Is Uncertain Change can either be welcomed or dreaded, depending on the circumstances.  So, how do you cope with it, especially when its the latter? Life is constantly evolving, in a split second something can happen, totally outwith our control.  You can go through emotions such as; […]

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Dynamics of Psychotherapy

Psycho dynamic Methods… This blog is continued as part of the series of blogs related to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  These notes are a mixture of my own interpretation and study notes from the Diploma. Many psychoanalytical theories and terms and very similar to concepts in CBT, so […]

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Spot a prankster…

Everyone who has adverts, promotions, videos of themselves promoting their business on-line can expect to get approached by people playing a prank on them, but,  how annoying is it?  More importantly, it is socially unacceptable & usually unprovoked. I have had two occasions recently, where two (young) […]

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Why Madonna is my absolute icon

My first two records purchased were Madonna Like a Virgin & Billy Idol Rebel Yell. I had disco lights in my bedroom & played the records over again & again. My family must have been going nuts, I would go into my own world singing along to […]

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Are You A Sales Superstar?

Love What You Do… Most sales people enjoy talking, interaction with their colleagues in the workplace and are generally outgoing individuals.  It helps to understand what motivates yourself / a colleague? It really comes back to the individual ‘Why?’ by this I mean – why do they […]

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How To Find The Perfect Name For Your New Business Or Website

This blog is credited to Joel at Addicted 2 Success By Joel on February 7, 2013 Finding the best name for your business or website is a crucial first step. A successful name can not only define the character and values of your organization but will also […]

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