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Is Your Compass Set?

Do you know which direction you are heading in? If you are lucky, the answer will be ‘Yes‘. But for some individuals they are taking each day as it comes, celebrating the success and analysing the failures, wondering why events have occurred. I had a situation in […]

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Think back to your 1st Computer

Hi, I was taught to type in school on the old typewriters and, I remember doing summer work experience in the company my Dad worked for & one evening, before leaving to go home, his Secretary’s PC was switched on.  It was really funny as we didn’t […]

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Posture & Expressions….

Your posture and expressions tell the world a story about how you are feeling.  So, do you want people to think you are positive & energetic OR negative & dull? When you are ready: Slump your shoulders, hang your arms, down curl your mount and stare at the […]

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Due Diligence on your Business?

Are you being Realistic? When sitting with a business client, that is self-employed, I always ask why they wanted to be self-employed and what is driving them to succeed.  Most can answer this, but some have not done their due diligence to ensure there is a market […]

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Training is an Investment

Training can be broken down into 2 hour sessions We offer digital marketing training and business coaching, these services are in demand but some companies may not be able to release a person for 1 or 2 days out of the office.  We realize this and we […]

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Does your website convert into enquiries?

It’s a new month & a good time to look at your website activity to identify a few things: Traffic New -v- Returning Visitors Keywords Journey of the visitor Look at the conversion of new business, also the bounce rate on your website & ask yourself  ‘Are […]

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Are you an Optimist or Pessimistic?

When was the last time you wrote down your goals for both personal life & business? My point is that life waits for no man, so get off your behind & take action TODAY!  We all get caught up in life’s trivial day-to-day uncertainties but ask yourself […]

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Do People Listen To You?

Life is busy How often do you phone someone, to hear that they are busy typing, or rustling through paper, or even worse they actually start speaking to someone else, because they have been listening into the other person’s conversation – while talking / supposedly listening to […]

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Is it obvious you are disengaged?

There are times in life when you ‘Just need to get on with it’ and other times when you have ‘the choice‘ to engage with people and situations, or disengage and walk away.  This statement could probably relate to co-workers, family members, friends in social circles etc, […]

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Sometimes we all just need help

Do you actively listen? Everyone is under so much pressure to keep their heads above water, whether its financial or even managing personal relationships.  We all communicate daily, but its worth asking the question:  Do we communicate clearly enough? It isn’t easy to ask for help, some […]

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