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Do You Have A Frenemy?

Do You Want A Frenemy?  Hell No! The term ‘Frenemy‘ was first used in 1977 and the definition of it is: `one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy’ We all encounter people who are not completely genuine every single day of life.  Some people […]

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Full Moon Disaster

Yesterday I found out that my ceiling in the bathroom needs to be torn down and replaced, you could have knocked me over with a feather, but I looked at the situation logically and just tried not to scream (lol). I live in a traditional Glasgow block […]

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Are You Proud Of Your Professional Decisions?

Are You Distinguished? I was listening to the Success Symposium CD again (as I do every day) and Connie Podesta talks about the decisions we have to make on a daily basis, she asked the audience the question: ‘Are you proud of the professional decisions that you make?‘  In my opinion, […]

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We Can’t Be All Things To All People

It takes a lot to say ‘I can’t’ I put myself under so much pressure to be above average in lots of professional things, whether it’s studying, or just general day-to-day work.  I am also my own worst critic, always looking for ways to improve myself.  This […]

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False Identity through Social Media

Do You Intentionally Create An Illusion On-Line? Over the past number of years Social Media has taken over in so many ways, it is now reported that the Police use Social Media to help with enquiries.  People are often reminded not to post when they go on holiday, as […]

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Reacting to Complaints and Criticism

Communicate Immediately It can be very difficult when someone criticises or complains about you, or the business you represent.  This can be a difficult conversation as usually there are systems in place to ensure quality, customer satisfaction etc.  But, we cannot please everyone all the time. Most […]

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10 Creative Ways To Make Money Online

Another fabulous blog from Addicted2Success Article By Keith Taylor | If you’d claimed it was possible for the average guy on the street to make millions of dollars online just a decade ago, the chances are good you’d have heard nothing but laughter in response. Today, […]

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Do You Target Your Team?

Goals or KPI’s At some stage every Entrepreneur, CEO, Director or Manager has been a staff member with a Supervisor they had to report to. Many praise their supervisors, but similarly some criticize and think they could do a better job. Ego’s will always cause trouble in […]

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Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?

Are you an Ambivert? I am reading Daniel H. Pink’s book ‘To Sell Is Human’ and I was totally amazed to read that there is a definition of characteristic called Ambivert.  This could be obvious to everyone else, apart from me, but wow!!  So often we read […]

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Prioritise & Have Fun

Increase Your Productivity Even the most organised individuals can be rubbish at time management sometimes.  We get sidetracked because something is suddenly interesting or more important, then we lose track of where our focus was.  Life is so serious with work, deadlines, unexpected big bills, health situations […]

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