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Entrepreneurs need to wear many hats, dealing with important tasks covering marketing, sales and accounts through to analysis and administration.  When people start in business they dream of what it will feel like in 2, 5 and 10 years time, thoughts run through their heads of grandeur and money in the bank.  Don’t forget to live in the moment today, we all learn vital lessons when building business’ which certainly includes falling on our faces, but then getting back up again and again!

There are times when we over-reach ourselves, or certainly don’t aim high enough.  Our sister company; Digital Business Solutions outsources some work and this may be a deterrent, some clients may prefer for everyone to be in the same office, in one location.  However, by outsourcing and building the business using the model we have currently, this means that we don’t have the huge overheads that many of our competitors have.  Our director oversees all aspects of client work, and the client only ever deals with one person.

We gain most clients through personal recommendations, if we don’t feel that we are the right `fit’ for the client, we will tell them.  We find it is much better to walk away from a potential business relationship (if we don’t think it is right) rather than force something to work.  This could be a personality fit, cultural differences or just a vision for the way things work.  Point is, business relationships are like personal relationships, there needs to be give and take, but ultimately it has to click.

To summarise, there will be times when we (as an Agency) don’t tick all the boxes, but we are exceptionally good at what we do, and we put our efforts and energy into the clients’ accounts to ensure we meet expectations, and build strong, successful long-term client relationships.

Our director, Louise Wightman has worked in the corporate business world for 20 years and appreciates the hard work it takes to win, and then keep clients.  If you have any questions regarding our Website Design, SEO, Marketing or Business Coaching, Mentoring services, please make contact.


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