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Don’t Be Consumed With Regrets

Don’t Look Back Many people reflect and spending time thinking about positive and negative events throughout the year.  Fact is there really is no point looking back, apart from assessing and learning from past situations.  We cannot change the past, but it is the future that’s important. […]

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Are You Ambitious Enough For Success?

I am totally addicted to the Addicted 2 Success website, here is another inspirational blog that I found there.  Enjoy By Joelon November 2, 2012  /Article Written By: Chad Howse of Chad Howse Fitness Ambition and courage are synonymous, and admirable qualities. The ambitious, ‘Those who have […]

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Blog series about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is CBT? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods apply to both personal life and business life, it incorporates some psychology, hypnotherapy, counseling and covers behavioural change as well as CBT for anger, stress, depression and anxiety.  Initially you look at the seriousness of the situation, gain evidence based […]

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Smile and the world smiles with you.

Do you notice how (normally) people respond when you smile at them?  I say normally, as unless you smile at someone who is incredibly rude, their spirit will be lifted & they will smile back.  Reciprocating the gesture of being warm and friendly. In my opinion, life […]

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8 Ways To Create A Popular YouTube Channel

Viral Video Campaigns By Joel on November 17, 2012 YouTube has become a source of income and notoriety for thousands of marketers, hopeful celebrities and self made (and often unintentional) Internet stars as of late. So how powerful has YouTube become? Well, one of the most popular YouTube […]

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Astronaut, Pilot, President or Caveman?

Halloween brings out the child in us all I remember Halloween was hard work, rehearsing your poem, joke or dance & earning your sweets.  These days I think most people just open the door & give the cheeky little faces sweets regardless.  Halloween is great for the […]

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A beautiful little place called Mallaig

Mallaig Breaks Website When my client Stuart Cameron of Specsdirect2u asked me to build a website for him & his wife Gillian for their home in Mallaig I was delighted.  To be honest I didn’t fully appreciate how beautiful Mallaig is, surprisingly so, as I often say […]

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Keep meetings to 45 minutes

Be Effective and Efficient It is nice to be nice, but how often have you met someone professionally only to walk away after 60 or 90 minutes confused by why you met that day to catch-up?  Is that a good use of your time?  The normal reaction […]

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A Philosophy For Successful Living

Be Optimistic… I have been reading My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn, it is a compact book so easy to read with just six Chapters.  Jim Rohn was one of Darren Hardy’s Mentors (Success Magazine).  I thought it relevant to post this blog as its Hogmanay […]

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We are all scared of Rejection.

This is meant to be a sentimental time of year, when families all come together, be happy and share some festive cheer.  But for some, it’s not joyful or singing round the log fire.  Some people are just as scared of rejection as they were, back when […]

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