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Are We Seeking Professional Relationships?

Think About Your Last Transaction How long did it last? If you read blogs from Marketing Land, Google or Search Engine Land they all talk about the focus being on ‘Engagement’ with your customers / clients.  They are 100% correct, but what about the clients that don’t […]

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Anxiety S*cks

Kick Anxiety into touch This week’s Grazia magazine has an article about Goodbye Generation Anxiety with some really useful information and links to external sites, including one which maps your brain LOL! Anxiety is a demon within most of us, it can eat away at your positivity […]

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Ego Defence Mechanism

Are You An Egomaniac? How many times does the Ego get in the way of conversations, work relationships even with loved ones.  Apart from being described as stubborn or pig-headed there are other explanations of the Ego.  This blog is in the series referring to Cognitive Behavioural […]

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When The Client Resists

Reluctance To Change When someone commits to changing or improving their behaviour, then they do not – we may think it is because they haven’t applied effort.  However, we suspect at least 50% of the time it is because they are fearful of the impact of change. […]

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Friendships Are Therapy

True Friends Are Priceless Anyone that knows me will tell you I am a very private person, one of my friends yesterday said I was a ‘Slow Burner’ and she is absolutely right.  I am protective of my energy, my time and weigh people and things up before […]

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Up-Skill for 2014 – Book Training

Take Control of Your Career In this tough economic climate, employers want the best from their employees and similarly employees want some security from their employers.  To meet in the middle, ensure that you are continuously learning new skills.  If that means Digital and On-line / Social […]

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How life plays out…..

Fast forward 2 years into the future We all have dreams and aspirations for our life, whether its personal or professional.  Ask yourself the question, if you continue to live your life, as you are now, will you be happy in 2 years?  How will it look?  […]

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Dynamics of Psychotherapy

Psycho dynamic Methods… This blog is continued as part of the series of blogs related to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  These notes are a mixture of my own interpretation and study notes from the Diploma. Many psychoanalytical theories and terms and very similar to concepts in CBT, so […]

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What’s The Magic Ingredient?

The Answer is Passion… You will have heard the saying “Anything worth having is worth fighting for“.  I think it depends whether you are talking about business or personal relationships, but ultimately, if you are passionate about something you will find a way to succeed, get to the […]

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Are You A Sales Superstar?

Love What You Do… Most sales people enjoy talking, interaction with their colleagues in the workplace and are generally outgoing individuals.  It helps to understand what motivates yourself / a colleague? It really comes back to the individual ‘Why?’ by this I mean – why do they […]

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