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Communication – It’s Not All About Me

Be Genuine I am reading a book at the moment which talks about communication and how to get the best from any given situation.  For those who communicate to earn a living i.e. Sales / Customer Service / Therapists etc this book is one you should definitely […]

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Websites To Impress…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Are You Out To Dazzle? It amazes me when people have mixed reactions to Websites.  Some think its something to updated every few months, whereas some people update their site every day with blogs etc.  A Website is about sharing information with […]

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Blog series about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is CBT? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods apply to both personal life and business life, it incorporates some psychology, hypnotherapy, counseling and covers behavioural change as well as CBT for anger, stress, depression and anxiety.  Initially you look at the seriousness of the situation, gain evidence based […]

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A Philosophy For Successful Living

Be Optimistic… I have been reading My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn, it is a compact book so easy to read with just six Chapters.  Jim Rohn was one of Darren Hardy’s Mentors (Success Magazine).  I thought it relevant to post this blog as its Hogmanay […]

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Are You A Natural Leader?

Leader of the pack? At a meeting about 7 months ago, everyone was asked what animal you would be, if you had to describe yourself.  Some said bird for freedom, cat for routine and independence, dog for loyal and steady – I said ‘Panther or Cheetah’ so that […]

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Which Social Media Tool?

What’s the best tool to use?   I get asked this question quite regularly, and I have to be honest there is no easy or quick answer.  When you are building your profile online, you need to use most of the popular / highly rated tools and then […]

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Do You Maintain Your Energy Levels?

Performance, Health & Happiness The words above are all grounded by our energy, but whilst we are aware of this, we run around like maniacs each day with i phones in hand, tablets under our arm and running from one appointment to the next.  We multitask like […]

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Don’t Be Consumed With Regrets

Don’t Look Back Many people reflect and spending time thinking about positive and negative events throughout the year.  Fact is there really is no point looking back, apart from assessing and learning from past situations.  We cannot change the past, but it is the future that’s important. […]

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Keep meetings to 45 minutes

Be Effective and Efficient It is nice to be nice, but how often have you met someone professionally only to walk away after 60 or 90 minutes confused by why you met that day to catch-up?  Is that a good use of your time?  The normal reaction […]

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Do You Enjoy Working With Clients?

Do You Love Your Work? We have all read biographies of famous people who say they don’t feel like they are working most days, because they love what they do so much!  I can relate to this as most of the time I love what I do.  […]

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