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Don’t Be Consumed With Regrets

Don’t Look Back Many people reflect and spending time thinking about positive and negative events throughout the year.  Fact is there really is no point looking back, apart from assessing and learning from past situations.  We cannot change the past, but it is the future that’s important. […]

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Blog series about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is CBT? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods apply to both personal life and business life, it incorporates some psychology, hypnotherapy, counseling and covers behavioural change as well as CBT for anger, stress, depression and anxiety.  Initially you look at the seriousness of the situation, gain evidence based […]

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Keep meetings to 45 minutes

Be Effective and Efficient It is nice to be nice, but how often have you met someone professionally only to walk away after 60 or 90 minutes confused by why you met that day to catch-up?  Is that a good use of your time?  The normal reaction […]

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A Philosophy For Successful Living

Be Optimistic… I have been reading My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn, it is a compact book so easy to read with just six Chapters.  Jim Rohn was one of Darren Hardy’s Mentors (Success Magazine).  I thought it relevant to post this blog as its Hogmanay […]

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Do You Enjoy Working With Clients?

Do You Love Your Work? We have all read biographies of famous people who say they don’t feel like they are working most days, because they love what they do so much!  I can relate to this as most of the time I love what I do.  […]

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Communication Principles & Practice

Conflict & Aggravation Miscommunication is at the heart of many conflicts in the workplace.  Sometimes we say things without thinking, someone overhears it & boom, you are in the middle of a war zone.  Communicating effectively requires hard work, tact, discretion & diplomacy.  In my line of […]

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We Can’t Be All Things To All People

It takes a lot to say ‘I can’t’ I put myself under so much pressure to be above average in lots of professional things, whether it’s studying, or just general day-to-day work.  I am also my own worst critic, always looking for ways to improve myself.  This […]

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How Much Time Do You Waste?

Use Time Wisely After 7 1/2 years of being self-employed I still obsess about making sure that I am maximising my own time.  It can be a little easier if you are employed as normally you have a Supervisor who is looking for work to be produced. […]

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Do You Have A Frenemy?

Do You Want A Frenemy?  Hell No! The term ‘Frenemy‘ was first used in 1977 and the definition of it is: `one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy’ We all encounter people who are not completely genuine every single day of life.  Some people […]

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Are You Proud Of Your Professional Decisions?

Are You Distinguished? I was listening to the Success Symposium CD again (as I do every day) and Connie Podesta talks about the decisions we have to make on a daily basis, she asked the audience the question: ‘Are you proud of the professional decisions that you make?‘  In my opinion, […]

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