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Clear out your business contacts…

Another year is upon us – I hope 2012 is a good one for all of us, despite the gloomy forecasts by the economic specialists out there!  When I am coaching business individuals I ask them ‘Do your business contacts know exactly what you do?‘  Some people look at me in disbelief, why would I ask that question!  Isn’t it obvious?  Well no – sometimes it’s not.  While you may think it’s obvious from your company name, logo etc take a step back & ask yourself that question…

When we are networking, we generally ‘pass the time of day’ with people, hoping to click with individuals that may either, need our service or refer us on to someone else, but chances are that everyone in the room will have exactly the same goal.  So, how do you differentiate yourself?  For me, it’s all about revisiting the contacts you have made, ensure they understand what you do for a living & instead of it being one-way traffic, ask them what you can do to assist them?  In my experience, an honest, upfront conversation can be like a breath of fresh-air.  If I am designing a website for someone I will advise them to have free downloads on their site, as you need to give something in order to receive – so why should networking be different – it’s not!

If you don’t understand what someone does, ask them to break it down & explain it to you.  I know several people who have changed careers / industry sectors  & when people ask (others) what the individual does now, they have a puzzled look on their face.  At times, we connect with people on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. out of courtesy,  which is understandable, if you are a decent person you will try & help others.  But my suggestion is to go through your contacts, identify who you want to get to know better, who you haven’t touched base with in the past 6 months, and clear your contacts out.

It is always best never to assume, chances are if you do this, you will be incorrect & potentially miss out on business opportunities.  Over time your business network learn to trust  & have faith in your ability.  This can take 6 weeks or 6 months, regardless, the importance lies with building up trust, being honest & put time / energy into making new connections.

Louise x

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