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Affiliate Marketing Programme

Affiliate Marketing Programme

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The affiliate-marketing industry continues to grow and mature. Merchants are attracted to this sector, as it provides many advantages in terms of boosting their online sales at relatively little cost.

However, due to the unethical actions of a few, affiliate marketing still suffers from a perception problem as one of the “dark arts”.

Approach The Coach is looking for Affiliates that will actively engage with their database of contacts and source Social Media leads.  You would qualify* these leads and do basic fact finding with the client.  Once the lead is passed to Approach The Coach, converted and pre-paid the Affiliate Marketeer would get up to 10% of invoice value as commission.

The client can be UK or Worldwide.  The Affiliate would continue to receive monthly commission for the period of 6 months from initial introduction.  Once the agreement has been put in place, Approach The Coach does not require the Affiliate to be actively involved in the business arrangement.

This type of marketing is an innovative sector, as affiliates are always finding new ways to engage with users. The growth of social media technologies and mobile has provided new opportunities for affiliates, and the channels are well suited to the sector.

If you would like to discuss further please either call Approach The Coach on +44 (0)7739 345 803 or send an email to

*The leads do need to be qualified in order to qualify for Affiliate Commission, and for this arrangement to work successfully.

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