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Dealing With Business Politics

Don't let yourself be a targetDon’t Be A Drama Queen

We all have tough days, weeks or even months.  Things just don’t seem to ease up.

If you deal with these situations badly you will no doubt regret it, deal with it well and you will be more resilient.  The worst thing you can do is take your frustrations out on your staff, colleagues or family members.  Be resilient enough within yourself to face things head-on and not stick your head in the sand.  Things will not magically disappear!

I worked in the corporate environment for many years, and now working with clients, I work occasionally with other consultants or sub-contracted companies.  Some people are professional and civil, whereas some are like territorial dogs.  There is room for everyone, but only if you are talented and actually do an outstanding job, in addition to being innovative and client orientated. In the office / workplace it can be like a school playground, you have the extroverts who need constant attention, then you have the clichés of people who gossip and are interested in everything except their actual job.  Every day you will probably have to work with people, that you would rather avoid.

In the past seven years that I have been self-employed I have become less tolerant of small talk and idle chit chat when working, yes this could be anti-social, but I just want to get the job done as quickly as possible, but with as much effectiveness as possible.

Here are some tips to surviving the business / corporate politics;

Don’t hide away – face things head on, if you are at fault, admit it.  If you believe you are right, then explain to people / your superiors why you think you are right.  However, have your research to hand.

Don’t rush – If  you cannot meet a deadline, speak to your colleagues / superior.  Explain your workload and work out an alternative completion date / time.  It is better to give something your full attention and do an excellent job, as opposed to fast, sloppy work.

Wear the mask – Don’t show your frustration or emotions in the workplace, if everyone did this – no work would get done.  When you are working, you really do need to get on with the job at hand.  If you are a Manager and show weakness staff can take advantage of this, at some point.  It sounds harsh, but its a fact.  In the workplace you need to remain professional and composed at all times.

Have someone to talk to – In order to remain professional and composed, you do need to have a confidant that you can talk to.  Otherwise you take the problems home and offload to your partner, and that isn’t fair.  Try and find someone who will be objective and not focus on the gossip or he said / she said.  These people are trouble and should be avoided at all cost.  Normally they don’t have the company / your best interest at heart.

Play by the rules – Don’t cross the line, whether its taking liberties, abusing authority or breach of contract.  Simply don’t do it.  You will be seen as unprofessional and your reputation will be tarnished.

Remember your core values – If you are an ambitious person you will have certain characteristics.  Don’t lose sight of these and try at all times, to remain true to your beliefs without causing conflict in the workplace.

Count your blessings – Some people are worse off than you, be thankful for what you have i.e. a Job.

Nobody is perfect, we all slip up sometimes, but the purpose of this blog was a reminder to stop living in the `here and now’, and think about the consequences of any actions.  It is amazing the facts or details that can be brought up by a colleague or associate in years to come, some may be malicious because they are seeking attention, or it may be casual conversation and someone remembers an outburst in the office.  It doesn’t matter what the reason is, there is always a reason and a story to tell.  So, make sure you are not the leading actor / actress.

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