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Emails are fast, efficient and can be very effective, but they can also be very damaging to relationships whether professional, or personal.  Simple things like using an exclamation mark can intimate anger, frustration or tongue in cheek humour.  Unless the person is in front of you, or talking to you on the phone, you have no way of knowing for sure.

How many times have you tried to retrieve information, looking for a clue in the title of the email stored, but get absolutely nowhere fast as many titles are either Update or Hi?

This blog is to remind everyone to be as precise as possible when communication through this tool on the Internet, below are some tips:

Tips for Emailing

  • Short but precise title in the Subject bar
  • If a business email, get to the point as soon as possible, and do not put anything confidential unless you know it is absolutely secure
  • Spell check – this is very, very bad in the younger generation. Spelling mistakes would stop me from using a person professionally
  • Try to avoid writing very long emails

If I get an email and it is very long, I must admit, I maybe do not read it immediately.  This is a personal belief, but I feel 90% of emails should be less than 200 words long.  I write this and I do realise that communicating with others is vitally important, but I think there is a time and a place – sometimes you open emails when you are exceptionally busy, it is like the unplanned telesales call – you just want it to go away.

Always ensure you have your spell checker ‘on’ and that you re-read your message before sending.  Even then, occasionally we can make mistakes – after all we are human.  It is so easy for information to be misconstrued and people can be hurt, all because they read something maybe they were not meant to, or because they didn’t know the full story.

Sometimes it is probably easier to pick up the phone, but life is so incredibly busy and showing no signs of slowing down, the point is just be careful when emailing and make sure you don’t pass on any emails that are sensitive in nature.

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