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How Effective Are Meetings?

Ask yourself, how many times have you been in this situation:

meetingsSome people will suggest meeting for a coffee. Out of professional courtesy, you agree, thinking that, at the meeting, the ‘reason’ will unfold, but it doesn’t.  You leave the meeting and think ‘That was nice but not a good use of my business time!’  This can leave you feeling frustrated and kicking yourself for allocating that amount of time for simply what could be described as a polite catch-up.

I watched The Queen last weekend and was inspired that her meetings last 15 minutes, I also read that she has important meetings and people have to walk and talk.  These type of meetings are apparently much more productive, and I think it’s a great idea.  When I have worked in client’s offices, I have seen meetings take place for the sake of it, a few I have attended and been pretty shocked at the lack of structure and the amount of small talk!  I may have an old-fashioned view, but when you are at work, I like to think you maximise the time as much as possible to get the best results.

The basic test before agreeing to a meeting is ‘What will be different as a result of this meeting / coffee?

Meetings should never be used to slate others work, make a personal point or indeed waste valuable time.  A classic error is junior management can be desperate to attend a meeting, but actually have nothing to input.  The impression of them moving forward is that they don’t have much to say!  This is not the perception that you want.

I will always suggest that you keep in touch with your business contacts, but would a telephone catch-up be sufficient?  If you do this, it saves you travel time and sometimes city centre parking rates.  I met someone for lunch and fortunately she had a voucher, so we got 2 for 1, but when I went to the car, the parking was more expensive than the lunch.  But I didn’t grudge it, as the time we spent catching up was amazing, great conversation and thoroughly enjoyable.

I am always very upfront about the fact that I don’t do enough face to face networking, personally I would rather have a specific reason for talking to someone so that we can both get the best out of our 30 – 45 minutes of time together.  If The Queen can have a meeting in 15 minutes then surely we can all keep meetings to 30 minutes?

What do you think?

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