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Know what you want…

Sounds easy doesn’t it, well for some people it is not.

Sometimes in life I think we kid ourselves re what we want & why we want it.  This could apply to personal relationships, jobs, money, cars, plastic surgery…  The list could go on!

My suggestion is take a step back & look at your life.  Take off any rose tinted glasses you might have been carrying around & see life for what it is, no matter how scary that can be.  Appreciate things that sometimes we all take for granted, this can be health, a roof over our heads, family & friends.  Then be very clear about what your goals are & then drill down into the reasons why you want to achieve these goals.  Ask yourself ‘How will I know when I get there?’  Imagine what it will feel like & hold that thought in your head when you move forward.

So for me, the very first step is knowing & identifying precisely what we want & then mapping out how we are going to get it.


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