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Learned Behaviour – Angel or Devil?

Make A Conscious Decision…

Psychological studies show that 95% of everything we feel, think, do & achieve is a result of learned habit!  We are all born the same way, we absorb the behaviour of people around us & we learn from our parents.  A lot of people grow up to think their parents behaviour & reactions are correct / appropriate, but ask yourself – Are they correct or are they teaching you damming behaviours that will hinder your life & possibly your children’s lives?

Studies also show that it can take up to 7 generations to break learnt behaviours & inner beliefs.  Take time to look into your family’s history & look at their belief system, has it passed down generation to generation?  If you also look at people who have grown up in an abusive household chances are they may then believe that this is acceptable & inflict this on their own family.

You can change your behaviour from TODAY!  Just because you have believed something your whole life, doesn’t mean you have to carry it with you until the day you die.  There is a saying ‘We are what we repeatedly do’.  How true is this!

It is your conscious choice to either be the very best person that you can be, or to give in to the pre-programmed behaviours that you were led to believe are correct & appropriate.  Be your own person.

High achievers are mindful of their actions, they analyse what has gone well & similarly what hasn’t gone well.  They look for improvement in everything (sometimes too critical) but point is they develop good, healthy habits that form discipline each day.  How do you think Tiger Woods or David Beckham became great sportsmen? They learned to practice each day for several hours until they were probably exhausted, but their belief was to be the very best & that was their goal.

Relentless passion & determination is to be admired as it will give you a constant source of energy & it will consume your thoughts.  Over time this will be your magic ingredient to become remarkable & unique.

Change can be uncomfortable, but it’s like growing pains, if you believe that you are on the right path, do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  Personally I am always looking to improve myself & I would see it as a disappointment if I stopped, I am quite sure at the age of 60 I will be the same.

If you feel that Coaching could help you achieve or align your Goals & Beliefs, drop me an email, the main website is  Coaching can help you to develop healthy habits that will help you achieve your dreams & goals.  If you feel you would benefit from Coaching then speak to me today.  The only person that will hold you back in life is yourself.

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