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Maintain Good Manners…

Are You A Darling Or A Devil?

How often do you have a conversation with someone either personally or in business & you are shocked at their lack of interpersonal skills?

If you don’t know what is categorised as good manners – then you are in trouble!  I find it’s the small ‘Thank You’s’ and ‘Please’ that go a long way.  People remember someone who has good manners.  It costs nothing, but if you are rude & obnoxious you will quickly gain a reputation for being unpleasant.

Note to everyone:  Do not be one of these people.

Appreciate the small things that people do for YOU.

Here are some reminders for those busy people out there:

  1. Keep a secret
  2. Be reliable
  3. Be courteous & charming
  4. Do not ignore people
  5. Don’t interfere with malicious intent
  6. Compliment people when you see they have made an effort
  7. Be pleasant when you can be

And last but not least, SMILE.  Everyone appreciates it when someone smiles at them, it can brighten up someone’s day & all because you have smiled in their direction.  How wonderful is that!

No matter how busy you are, try your best not to let y our manners slip.  Imagine what your work environment would be like if people didn’t take the time to be civil to each other!  I have worked in environments where people have been allowed to bully, as outrageous as this is, the person is bound to be very unhappy within themselves.  On a professional note, if someone is being rude to the point of bullying, please report them to your HR department ASAP.  If they do not take action, phone ACAS for free legal advice.

Having a positive attitude will take you places in life, my advice is make an effort.  I am not suggesting you be fake or wear a mask, just make the best of each situation & the reaction you receive will be much better than if you walked about with a scowl on your face.  If someone does something nice for you, take the time to acknowledge it.  You could write them a Thank You Note, or send them an electronic Thank You E-Card.

If you feel you would benefit from business or life coaching, please do make contact.  Louise Wightman is a Coach & will work with you to ensure that your goals are met with confidence & pride.  Sessions can be via the phone or face to face, depending on location.

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