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Manage your social media.

People regularly ask the question ‘How do I manage the Social Media sites?’, my advice is to get into a habit of checking the platforms you get the most traffic from daily.  For example, I check Hootsuite first thing in the morning to see who has retweeted, thank them, then look for new and interesting content to schedule for retweets throughout the day.  It is also a good idea to check your local news and post links, basically to help spread the word about something fundamentally important, or simply for updates.

Most people now realise that Social Media is about generating and keeping an earned audience, so, when you can, interact with people who often retweet your work, reciprocate when you can and basically enjoy the online networking that social media offers.

Use the social media tools that are available to monitor your work, see what is being clicked on and then make sure you are following or talking to the ‘right’ people.  This is a personal opinion, but I don’t see the point in having thousands upon thousands of followers that don’t engage with you on Twitter, personally I prefer to build up my list gradually.

It is all too easy to SPAM now, even You Tube offer it via Tube Toolbox.  Great for getting a message out, but people can see a SPAM message a mile off.  I think we all need to review our output regularly and look at the demographics of who we attract, what they click on and then what return we get from our time and efforts.

Social Media is like digital PR, it can be your best friend, or your enemy.  Set up Google Alerts so that you know if your website or name is mentioned online.  In the sales world, you are only as good as your last sale, whereas in cyberspace you are only as good as your image and online voice.

Be smart, be sociable and be digitally aware.

Louise x

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