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Being self-employed there is an argument between having different skills to sell to clients or specialising in one key area.  I have done both; I had a recruitment business and that was all I did, the agency focused 100% of its efforts on finding people to fill jobs.  However, in the past 6 years I have sold at least 3 or 4 services, this suits my personality which means I get more enjoyment from what I do, but it also gives me a stronger foundation as I am not putting all my eggs in the one basket.

Years ago I remember being criticised for offering 3 services; Social Media, Coaching and Training.  Now it seems that it made perfect sense, I never thought it was complicated but sensible.  My skill set is varied based on what I have done in my career and I have spent a lot of time refining my skills so I can do the best job for clients.  I am a perfectionist and always try to think creatively.  I get bored very easily, if I am doing the same thing all day, well that doesn’t work very well – for me!

Currently I focus on a few different things;

Business Coaching

Digital Marketing

Upcycle Old Wooden Furniture

Hot Tub Hire Business

I did not stumble across this mix easily, but I couldn’t be happier.  I believe if you are being honest with yourself, you should know what you are good at, what holds your interest and what bores you silly.  It depends what size you wish your business to grow to, if you want employees and if you want multiple locations.

do what you love statementBe Inspirational

My advice is to listen to what you want, look at the income potential and go after your dreams.  We only get 1 life and it can be rather stressful at times.  Aim for the stars, reach your true potential and if someone doesn’t agree – tough!

If you would like to talk through some business ideas and brainstorm if its possible for you in this economic climate book a business coaching session with me.  It shouldnt matter if its a Monday or Saturday, every day is an earning potential and a day to be embraced.  You can find out about my business services by visiting either Approach The Coach or Digital Business Solutions.  The furniture can be found on Vintage Upcycling and if you are interested in Hot Tubs visit Mobile Hot Tub Hire.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

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