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Smile and the world smiles with you.

Do you notice how (normally) people respond when you smile at them?  I say normally, as unless you smile at someone who is incredibly rude, their spirit will be lifted & they will smile back.  Reciprocating the gesture of being warm and friendly.

In my opinion, life is already full with stress and worries, so let’s all try not to take ourselves too seriously.  If you are in someone’s company & they are in a foul mood, then create some distance, otherwise they will want to suck you into their negativity bubble.  That would not be good for your health!

Good manners, being friendly, courteous & smiling is infectious.   Ask yourself ‘What is other’s perception of me?’, so do they think you are unreliable, say that you lie, say you are toxic, or do they say you are a pleasure to be around?  I know which one I would rather be…

Find reasons to be happy each day, yes everyone has horrible moments, or horrible months due to financial worry, ill health etc, but try as hard as possible to find reasons to be happy.  You will come up with something, whether its a child’s beautiful face, or a friend who shows appreciation of you.

If I am in the company of toxic people, I imagine myself with a shield around me, to protect me from their negativity.  Some people cannot stop themselves from being insufferable, but don’t let this be you!

Radiate your smile, and the rest of the world will smile with you!

Louise x



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