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I am based in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and ideally placed to help you build the digital footprint of your business.  Many organisations or individuals don’t either have the skills or the time to focus on Social Media / Digital Marketing.

The support offered is varied, you can book time ad-hoc or alternatively book a number of hours every month.  Social media marketing is reliant on you (the client) providing information regarding promotions, incentives, company news etc, basically anything that will prompt your clients to provide word-of-mouth publicity or to recommend your business to their associates, family and friends.

To build your brand and visibility, you need to embrace Social Media.

“To be socially accepted, you need to be socially expected.”

Here is a list of things that are part of the social media:

  • online forums (e.g., Digital Point)
  • blogs (e.g., WordPress)
  • social networking sites (e.g., Facebook)
  • social bookmarking sites (e.g., Digg)
  • video sharing sites (e.g., YouTube)
  • photo sharing sites (e.g. Flickr)
  • streaming sites (e.g., U stream)
  • user reviews (e.g., Amazon)
  • crowd-sourcing (e.g., Wikipedia)
  • content aggregators (e.g., Friend Feed)

Service offered

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Twitter / Hootsuite
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs

Social Media Analysis Service includes;

  • Break down your Google Analytics into plain English
  • Track and compare analysis
  • Ensure you are using the correct words on your website to maximise on SEO coverage

Social Media Virtual Training

  • Shared screen training sessions, delivered one-to-one
  • Learn how to use social networking tools

Please note, if any training involves Group Sessions, i.e. 2 + individuals, a Corporate Rate is charged.  Price on enquiry.

Any tools or additional cost would be agreed before commencing work.  Costs may vary from time to time, if products rates increase.  Any increase in cost will be confirmed in writing.

Professional reputation and image is critical for the success of any business.

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If you would like Social Media Training, or for me to be your Social Media Consultant, representing your business, please make contact to discuss.

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