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Social Media Training Scotland

Social Media Training Scotland

Book social media and website training….

Louise Wightman is a qualified Trainer and the technology used means we can share screens for remote PC training.

Remote PC website training can be a cost-effective solution and provides the person with one-to-one support.

There is a saying ‘It’s easy when you know how‘, that is true, for some people, using internet tools is not an easy task and can be quite stressful.  Let me assure anyone reading this –  I will be able to train you using internet tools and speak to you in plain English.

social networkWebsite & Social Media training is successfully used for;

  • Reading Google Analytics
  • Understanding SEO keywords
  • Assessing your website visibility
  • Learn how to use your Social Media networking tools – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • Design email marketing campaigns
  • Write high impact blog articles

Everyday website administrative tasks;

  • File Management
  • Bookmarks
  • Shortcuts to sites used every day
  • Email efficiency
  • Clean the disk drive and check security

Website training can be booked 2 hours per session, it is not recommended to do more than 3 hours in one session.

Cost per session is £60.00 per hour, pre-paid and invoiced.

Please note, if any training involves Group Sessions, i.e. 2 + individuals, a Corporate Rate is charged.  Price on enquiry.


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