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Spot a prankster…

Everyone who has adverts, promotions, videos of themselves promoting their business on-line can expect to get approached by people playing a prank on them, but,  how annoying is it?  More importantly, it is socially unacceptable & usually unprovoked.

I have had two occasions recently, where two (young) males have asked for appointments, looking to pre-pay up to 1 year in advance and dragging the whole process out.  Trying to cross the line between personal and professional then turning quite nasty with crude, totally unacceptable comments.

You have to ask yourself, ‘How can you stop this from happening?’.  In this situation I encourage you to get written confirmation from the individual regarding exactly what type of therapy they are looking for.  Then, speak on the telephone, to ensure you are covering ‘all bases’ such as your security, and their security.

I know this is obvious, but don’t meet anyone (for the first time) in your home, or theirs.  Goodness knows what you could walk into.  Meet in a public place, somewhere ideally that you feel safe.  Meet during the day (where possible)  & always tell someone where you are going, & have your mobile phone with you.

So, to all the pranksters out there, please stop.  Coaches, Therapists  etc are all trying to make a living.  Give us a break!

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