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When Change Is Unexpected…

Life Is Uncertain

Change can either be welcomed or dreaded, depending on the circumstances.  So, how do you cope with it, especially when its the latter?

Life is constantly evolving, in a split second something can happen, totally outwith our control.  You can go through emotions such as; shock, grief, sadness, happiness and joy.  We need to give ourselves time to think the situation through, then come to our own conclusion about how we feel.

Remember, feelings are not facts.  Just because we may resent something, this doesn’t mean the change is bad for us.  Security can come from routine, if someone rocks our foundations or changes our routine, we can be like a cat with claws.  If you fear change because you feel you will not have control of a situation, my suggestion is to tackle the fear head on.  The only thing in life that is constant is change.

Be very aware of your surroundings, ensure that you have insurances for things that can go wrong with property, cars etc.  In the workplace, ensure you keep on top of your skills, so that if you suddenly find yourself being made redundant you are equipped to look at the future positively.  Redundancy can be a terrible thing for self-esteem, but try to look at the situation as an opportunity for you to realise your dreams & aim high with new career aspirations.

I think every day we should take stock of the good things we have in our lives, be appreciative of the small things, that very often we do take for granted.  If we feel hostile about someone new coming into the workplace, or a change in dynamics in the home, ask yourself ‘What am I scared of?’  ‘How can I defeat these feelings by changing within?’ 

As an outsourced consultant sometimes I go into workplaces & there can be hostility.  This can be tough, but I try to remember that if I am pressing someone’s buttons, then its them that has the issue, not me.  Almost like the cat with their claws out, if someone is feeling strong & secure in themselves they will not attack another person.

I do have to admit I like some of my routines, but I do try to remind myself that it can all change in a split second.  Cover your bases, check insurances, look at any maintenance needing done urgently in the home.  Touch base with people you haven’t spoken to recently, it is never too late to say ‘Hello‘.

If you feel you are tolerating things in your life, and would like to make some changes – consider booking a Life Coaching session with me.  Life coaching can be non-intrusive or can be a CBT Based Therapy session.   Sessions normally take 2 hours and it is suggested that you leave no more than 2 weeks of a gap between appointments.  To book an appointment, please make contact.

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